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Catch up on the latest achievements of:

Jansim Henrietta Maud Jones CGN,Can.SE,Am.JE,RATI. (Henry) (Jansim Pup)

(proud owner - Sarah)

Sadly, Henry left us on 28 April 2019,

Two years on but the nose still knows

September 18, 2016 - Henry earned her first Barn Hunt (BHA) Novice Leg with a third place in her height division at Swansea Dog Obedience Club Tests in Terra Cotta, ON under judge Holly Nagel.

This brag will benefit the Durham Region Humane Society.

September 21, 2014 - Barn Hunt - Terra Cotta. ON

After a couple of fun tests (where Sarah worked out all her handler error issues), Henry earned her RATI title at the Canadian West Highland White Terrier Club Barn Hunt trial on September 21, 2014 under judge Robert Kripaitis.
Once it stopped pouring rain, a fun time was had by all! Now on to Novice. T

This brag will benefit the Durham Region Humane Society.

Good Neighbour

Henry aced her CKC Canine Good Neighbour test on April 18, 2011 - even tolerating her owner going out of sight!!
Nice going Henry

This brag will benefit Canadian Border Terrier Welfare.

Earthdogging South of the Border

Henry successfully completed her American JE title on Saturday July 24, 2010 at the Finger Lakes Kennel Club Earthdog Test under judge Jean Callens in the 100 degree heat

2009 BTCA Specialty Achievements - September 27-October 01, 2009 - Centreville, MD

Henry made her US debut truly Special by qualifying in Junior Earthdog at the National Specialty test under judge Mary Opperman

Over and Done with

You would have thought that Henry had never had any issues with Senior based on her picture perfect performances at the Dachshund Club of Greater Ontario ED Tests on August 25-26, 2007 where she finished her Senior Title (judge Pam Dyer) and earned a bonus leg (judge Richard Reynolds) with fastest time to and from the quarry.
Way to go Henry!

Maritime Madness Success

It appears that Henry is in no rush to tackle her Master Earthdog test and is savouring Senior to the full. None the less, she complied with Sarah's "request" that she exit the den and duly earned her second CKC Senior ED leg at the ATA ED Test in St Croix, NS on August 04, 2007 (Judge Pat Rock)

In the mood........

In Sarah's words..............

I am delighted to be able to brag that Henrietta Maud has managed to acquire the first leg of her Senior Earthdog title in a down-to-the-wire performance at the DCGO Earthdog test in Pontypool this past Saturday (September 09, 2006). After a heart-stopping 82 seconds to get to Mr. Rat, she worked vigorously for the full 90 seconds and then emerged in the nick of time (89 seconds!) to come away with a lovely rosette which is pinned to the bulletin board in my office (along with all the other ribbons from DCGO events!!)
I don’t think the judge believed me when I suggested that I was very happy with 89 seconds since her most recent efforts had been 9 minutes until being forcibly removed; I think he understood better on Sunday when Henry’s usual response to the recall reappeared - it took 5 minutes until she was lured out of the tunnel by the bucket of rats and I managed to grab her. That said, she shaved 20 seconds off her time to Mr. Rat, so that’s a plus. And on both occasions, she got to the quarry by actually going through the tunnel - also a significant improvement from her Fredericton performances.
This brag will benefit Canadian Border Terrier Welfare.

Behind that Cute Exterior

Lurks a working demon!

In Sarah's words..............

There was a fullish Jansim family get-together [at the Dachshund Club of Greater Ontario CKC Earthdog tests on June 25/26, 2005] in beautiful downtown Pontypool ... and it was great to see everyone who made the trek. Since Henry had displayed her inner earthdog earlier in the summer I was hopeful that we might come away with at least one leg of her JE ... but when Henry puts her mind to something, there's no standing in her way. (Yes, she can be something of a princess ... I can't imagine how she came to be so indulged.)
My only anxiety was Saturday morning at JE (having decided to live life on the edge and NOT enter her in INTRO, thus having time for a cup of coffee at home before coming out). She went into the tunnel with no trouble and raced to the rat, then spent 18 anxiety-making seconds just glaring at it before becoming more vocal and sharing her views. The mystery was solved Saturday evening when we went out into the yard to enjoy the breeze (finally ...) and Henry indulged in a bit of squirrel hunting: She thinks she's a cheetah. She waits until she spots a squirrel at the end of the yard (some 85 feet away!) and then silently and swiftly launches off the deck and runs silent very low to the ground ... and only barks when she's about six inches away. I think the squirrels are taking up a collection for a defibrillator ... the one she almost got on Saturday jumped straight up onto the power line to get away!
So Sunday was less stressful (for me anyway). Sure enough, straight into the tunnel and then 18 seconds to noise. In fact, she was so quiet, Marg Pough said she wasn't even sure Henry was there! Her immediate reward was that Pam and Jocelyne pulled all her hair out ... but she looks so beautiful and I know she's much cooler (heat expected to stick around until Friday). Big celebration here last evening ... and today she's back to giving me grief because I'm in here working and not outside in the sun running around with the ball.

City Gal goes Country

Of course it could be argued that Henry sees more "wildlife" in Toronto than many of the rural BT's - Whatever the motivation she showed true BT form by qualifying in Intro to Quarry at the DCGO CKC Earthdog test on June 19, 2004

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