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Animal CPR Hopefully you will never need it, but it is worth printing and keeping in your home and vehicle.

Border Terrier Flyball Database For anyone who might be interested, here is the Flyball Database link for Border Terriers from the NAFA site. It's updated every couple of weeks
Lots of familar names on here.

Chocolate Toxicity Chart National Geographic interactive chart for chocolate toxicity in dogs. By the weight of the dog, it tells you how much of various types of chocolate cause various toxic effects.

Finding a lost Border Terrier
Another article which we hope you never need to use

Finding a lost Greyhound
The source article on which the Border Terrier protocols were based. Applicable to most breeds, especially sighthounds

Fungus Amongus There have been a number of cases of Blastomycosis in the Northeast in the past couple of years. Blasto is not supposed to be in this area but obviously is as most if not all of the animals treated for it have only lived locally and haven't traveled.

Joy of Breeding A "tongue in cheek" but hard-hitting response to all those who think a litter of pups is the ideal way to reach children about the miracle of life.

Kidney Disease Links Great resources for owners with dogs suffering from chronic renal failure.

Natural Rearing This site exists to provide information on Natural Rearing and alternative, holistic, complementary health care for pets. It includes a comprehensive natural product listing of herbal, homeopathic, glandular, Bach flower remedies, books, and supplements utilized by caring animal owners in the health maintenance of their animals. It does not claim to substitute for professional Veterinarian care.

Pet Food & Nutrition Myths (from Only Natural Pet Store - March Newsletter) Top 10 Pet Food Myths Debunked

Senior Dogs Project - Looking Out for Older Dogs "Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog." - Sydney Jeanne Seward

Winkleworks Creative and beautiful handwork from Nova Scotia

West Wind Dog Training Thoughts, Tips, Training and Musings from West Wind Dog Training - Karen Peak

Off Topic

Abolitionist Action Committee AAC is an ad-hoc group of individuals committed to highly visible and effective public education for alternatives to the death penalty through nonviolent direct action.

Artwork of J. D. Tiner Beautiful orginal artwork available in a variety of media

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